The Setup

This is a first draft of a first chapter so, if you please, be kind. The room was smoke. It smelled like it primarily due to the haze that floated just over a sitting man’s head. It saturated the old dark wood paneling, the time-flattened navy-black carpet, the big mahogany desk, the strewn papers, the … [Read more…]

Prologue: The Old Hospital – 3/17/2010 – 2AM

The following is a first draft of the prologue from my novel, tentatively titled Among the Dead. Glass breaking. Daniel’s heart pounding in his ears. His knuckles wrapped in an old shirt. Large shards land inside the building on concrete, breaking and dividing. A deep gulp of breath. The night air sweeps around Daniel and makes … [Read more…]

Going Home


Mikey Bryant woke up coughing. His throat ached from the smoke, and when he opened his eyes, the acrid haze forced them closed again. The smoke alarm’s shrill, rhythmic screech made his head pound. “Mommy!” He yelled it across the endless expanse between his bed and the door. He sat up, clutching his stuffed bear … [Read more…]